12 Tables That I Would Put In My House


Have any of you been to my home? Probably not. It’s ass. I hate my house, and that is why it has never been photographed or seen publicly. A$$.
What is even worse is my table. Here is the embarrassing shot of my coffee table game:
Coffee tables
Syke! I was not posting that! But to let you know it’s even worse. The whole house is a bad nightmare of cheap Halem Furniture that has seen better days.
Soooo…. We are finally doing something about it. Getting new crap. I started with my tables.
While I was looking, I found some worth sharing.
Tables I love

Pottery Barn metal table

Storage furniture

Jayson Home square table

Whitewash furniture

Glass top coffee table

Black table

Noir furniture

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Transitioning from Owner to Renter

The Apartment Hunt!

Thinking about making a transition from a owner to renter?  Read this article by Houzz Contributor Laura Gaskill.

3D Studio Max


Tec 385: Advanced Digital Rendering using Autodesk 3Ds Max was a really fun class to take this semester and is considered the “pretty tool” that interior designers use to illustrate projects to clients.  A project/floor plan could start in 2D Autocad and then imported into 3D Studio Max or the architecture can be directly modeled in 3D Studio Max.  Setting up involves the following:

-Enclosing the 3D Model

-Creating the Daylight System (Mental-Ray)

-Setting up the Render Set-up and Exposure Control for the Scene (Mental-Ray)

-Creating and applying a gray basic material to all objects (Arch & Design) to study lighting

-Creating cameras

-Creating lights

-Start test renderings!!!!!

Here is my Spring Cafe:

CafeFinal REDOl_CORNISH camera1photoshop

CafeFinal REDO_CORNISH-camera2photoshop

My Interior Designer’s Loft:

Cornish final camera 2

Trimarco_Final_ Cornish camera 8


My first Olioboard

Now I have done mood boards previously…but I just wanted to try out this great online tool called Olioboard using West Elm furniture. Will post a picture of my home design office at a later date when I move some things around. LOL:) I thought it would be cool to try out and share with you guys.  Do you like?